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I can't go down (transfer to ther map)  on the second map, which has "Do NOT Enter" sign. I'm playing on browser. Could it be becsuse of my slow internet connection?

Someone had already asked this question, but they deleted it.  I had also updated the instructions on the game page.   At the bottom hit [Enter].  I had forgot to make it 'Touch Event'.

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Oh wait... Is that intended as some puzzle? "Do NOT Enter", while actually you should hit enter.

LOL.  I did not see that until you mentioned it.  Wow!


Not bad! Though... those rat graphics were pretty evil looking. I think you're disqualified... those are definitely some rated T for Teen assets! ;)

LOL!  Remember, there is only one who can remove a participant from the game jam.  hint. hint. ;)

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The main character does not use magic.  Did you attempt to press [Esc]?  This usually gets one out of each menu, within the battle options.  There are plugins that remove MP and the Magic option, but they are not allowed for this game jam.   I will make a note on the game instructions.  Thanks.

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We all will have more options in a less strict game jam. :)

What am I supposed to do in the forest maze?

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Find and defeat frostbite rat.  Did you meet Ranger before entering maze?  The maze is a little memory test.  The non-useful paths will eventually be eliminate until you find the right path.

Found him, and finished the game. Thanks!

You are welcome.  Thank you for playing.