Welcome to Bon Temps Festivals board Game Adventure. Pas Bon BOSS, and his crew have been really mean to the people that want to enjoy the various festivals. Our goal to let him change his ways, and stop scaring people. it will be a challenge to even find him. We need to have100 festival tokens, visit at least 5 festivals, convert 40 of Pas Bon Boss's crew members to become our friends, and get T-Boy and Tammy to join our team.

There are a few Cajun French terms that are used, in this game, and there are translations for them. Bon temps means good times, and pas bon means not good. The festivals that are in this game may be similar to our local Cajun area festivals, but they are not real...to the best of my knowledge.

This game is family friendly as the Pas Bon Boss crew tries to scare away, and you, Tammy and T-Boy try to compliment, or make others laugh.

I will make WINDOWS and MacOS versions available, if requested.

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Games made by MinisterJay/Jay Harrison with Jay's Custom Digital Board Game Adventures.

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