Imagine a world where everything is a square.  There are two dimension to concern ourselves about, and that is length and width.  To view such a world, we must view it from the top.  The characters are squares.  The buildings are squares.  The trees have square trunks, square branches and even square clusters.  If you think you see  rectangles, you are not.  They are actually squares that just happen to be side by side.  Welcome to the world of SKWAYR.

We join SKWAYR as he in conscripted into the military.  In this first part, CONSCRIBED, we see the different types of training that SKWAYR must endure.  Some of the training involves running mazes and combat simulation.  As a soldier, one must also learn to be quiet and unseen, at times.

What will SKWAYR become?  Is he going to become a infantry soldier on the frontlines?  Is he going to be stationed in one of the major towns and be a guard and defender?  Is he going to become a recon scout gathering information on enemy locations and numbers? 

Come join our adventure as SKWAYR faces numerous opportunites and obstacles.


Updated Font and Dialogue Box.  6/2/2017 @11:56 a.m. CST

NOTE: Only Windows download version has updated font. 

Added Windows Version 6/2/2017 @2:30 p.m.


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